What is So Special about Cartier Love Bracelet?

October 19th, 2020
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The Cartier Love bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewellery. Its design, symbolism and multifaceted appeal has made the bracelet a cult item and earned global recognition. Its signature screws and the choice of precious metals like yellow, white or pink gold make a fine jewellery piece that can easily find itself in everyone’s collection.

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Whether it is a woman or man, old or young, minimalist or highly eccentric, the Cartier Love bracelet is cherished by almost everyone to date. Unlike other jewellery pieces, the appeal is almost universal.

You will be fascinated to know that this iconic Cartier jewellery piece was the most searched item in Google in 2016. Moreover, this is one of the branded jewellery items that retain excellent resale value, considering the bracelet’s history and popularity. If you search “sell Cartier Love bracelet”, you will find numerous potential buyers offering top prices for this Cartier piece.

So let’s take a look at the factors that make Cartier Love bangle so special and coveted among collectors.

Factors that Make Cartier Love Braceket So Special

Aldo Cipullo, the young Italian jewellery designer, created the Love bracelet in 1969 in New York City. However, he designed it as a unisex jewellery piece flaunting tiny gold screws, taking inspiration from the chastity belt. Interestingly, the bracelet design challenged the conventional notions of jewellery. Eventually, the Cartier Love bracelet turned to be a must-have item.

So, where lies the classic charm of the Love bracelet?

The unique charm lies in its locking mechanism. The two C-shaped halves are clasped together and screwed on with a small screwdriver that accompanies each bracelet. It reinforced the idea that love is everlasting and no one should take love lightly.

Back in the day, jewellery pieces exhibited wealth and status, and people wore them sparingly. But Cipullo designed the Love bracelet to wear regularly as it stays secured around the wrist.

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The Lore Behind the Cartier Love Bracelet

The legend says that when Cartier brought to life the Love bracelet, only couples could purchase it who are willing to surrender the respective screwdrivers to one another. Cartier further welded the bracelet’s romantic symbolism by offering it to celebrity couples like Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw and Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

Well, Cartier Love bangles have proved to be enduring and, more significantly, a smart investment. This iconic jewellery piece continues to boost in popularity and value. They are today more sought-after than ever before, both in the retail and pre-owned market. This means that if you sell a Cartier Love bracelet today, you are likely to secure a top price for it from potential jewellery buyers.

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